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Blessed not Stressed

August Newsletter, 2015  Rick McPherson

“Come on in and have something to eat,” Gary said, welcoming us to the lunch room and the Pow Wow.

“I think the tacos are gone but there’s chicken and rice and help yourself to the green salad and fresh fruit,” he continued. 

We had arrived at the Aldersgate Conference Center just outside of Turner, Oregon to deliver supplies for the week-end.  Not only did we have half a pallet of bottled water, but also, snacks, chips, coffee and chocolate!  The participants who had come from up and down the west coast and various reservations would be helped with the delivery. 

As we ate a young man sat down and politely introduced himself.  “Hi, I’m Namarr,” he said. 

We talked about the weather, his hometown of Los Angeles and the Dodgers, his favorite team, and the future of Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw.  He also told us about his education at Asbury Theological Seminary and how he had been accepted into the Doctoral program this fall.  What was most interesting was that he had been introduced to Richard Twiss and the ministry of Wiconi International through the Internet when his academic advisor had learned of his interest in Native American studies.  Since then he has attended the Pow Wow and Camp meeting each year. 

I asked if he would let us interview him for a YouTube video.  He graciously said, “Yes!”    You can see that interview by clicking on the YouTube address and typing in Pacific NW Outreach.  All of our videos are there including one with Gary Eastty who is a Wycliffe Bible Translator,  an honorary member of the McDermitt Reservation in Nevada and a leader at the Pow Wow and Camp meeting. 

When we said good-bye, Namarr took my hand, smiled and said, “Be blessed, not stressed.”  It caught me by surprise.  What a wonderful thing to say, I thought. 

In our world, in my world, I need that.  How about you?

Those two words, “blessed and stressed”, captured my attention.  I couldn’t wait to learn more about them.  This is what I found.

“STRESSED” …causing mental or emotional strain or tension…synonyms are, worried, harassed, hassled and pressured.

“BLESSED” …to bestow good of any kind…to request of God …to consecrate or sanctify.  And this, “one blesses another when he expresses good wishes or offers prayer to God for his welfare.”

Although we delivered valuable supplies to Native Americans for the Pow Wow, Namarr delivered something more valuable to us.  And in that same spirit, let me say to Namarr and you, “Be blessed, not stressed.”


Thank you for your faithfulness in praying and giving to support this ministry.  The excessive, prolonged heat–wave of these summer months has impacted us severely.  Your financial gift at this time is particularly helpful.  God “bless” you!