A Bag of Twizzlers

July Newsletter, 2014  Rick McPherson

You may recall seeing the picture of a little Native American girl squatting beside a banana box full of groceries in last month’s newsletter.  On the top of the box is a bag of Twizzlers.  That’s right, red licorice.  Sometimes called, “red vines.”  Most of us would never give it a second thought, but to that little girl that candy was like a gift from Heaven.  Come to think of it, it was a gift from Heaven!  You see every time we drive a semi-truck and trailer to a Reservation, it is filled with groceries, household supplies, boots, Bibles, clothes and…candy.  All of the supplies that we deliver are given free of charge as an expression of the compassion and generosity of our Heavenly Father in Heaven.  In other words,
“gifts from Heaven!” 

Now in the heat of summer our work accelerates and we do everything we can to accommodate the long days, good road conditions and beautiful weather.  We know that hunger is not seasonal and the need for food is just as real in the summer months as it is during the holidays.  That’s why we need your help at this time. 

First, I need you to join us in prayer for the groceries that we so desperately need.

The summer months are always a challenge but this year it is more so.  Your last visit to the grocery store may have shocked you with soaring prices.   Trucking  and agricultural costs continue to rise.  And, those higher costs are passed on to us as consumers.  Help!

I know this.  The same God, who fed the Israelites in the wilderness with manna for forty years, is the God we serve.  He is the One who took a boy’s lunch with a few loaves and sardines  and fed thousands of hungry people on a hillside near a lake in Galilee.  The same God! 

Secondly, I need you to help us financially.  I know that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.  Together, we can make a big difference.  Will you take a moment and send a special gift our way?  Your gift of $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, or even more, will really help.

You may think your gift is too small to make a difference.  But miracles don’t start with quantity, they start with quality.  The little boy gave what he had.  He gave what was in his hand.  The quality he had was obedience.  God did the rest!

So will you join me at this time and give what you can for this important ministry?

When the truck from Heaven arrives on the Reservation, let’s pray that every grocery box is packed full  and that there a few bags of Twizzlers  for the children.