Old Pickups and Blackberry Bushes

April Newsletter, 2015  Rick McPherson

A lady called me the other day and asked if we still accept vehicle donations for the Mission.  “Sure do,” I said. 

I asked where she lived and what kind of vehicle it was and if she had the title.

“Oh, it’s way out in the county and it’s a one ton truck that my late husband used to haul his horse trailer and yes I have the title,” she answered. 

After calling in a few favors I headed out with two friends, one of our own trucks with a trailer and winch and found the truck in the blackberry bushes in the rain.  She was right; it was way out in the country.  But we prevailed and finally had the truck on the trailer and headed home.  It was an adventure, so to speak. 

Not all of our vehicle donations are quite as challenging.  But all of them are important to us.  You see, when people donate a vehicle to us; and it can be a truck, car, motorcycle, boat, airplane, moped, jet-ski, motorhome or trailer, it helps us greatly.  In fact, if it has a title we can accept it.  And, as a 501 (c) (3) corporation we can provide a tax receipt for the donation. 

Some of the vehicles that are donated are given to needy individuals on Reservations.  Depending on the type of vehicle, like four-wheel drive trucks and Jeeps, some are well-suited for the rough terrain that we often experience on the Rez.  Others are sold at auction and the proceeds are used for the work of the Mission.  Either way, the vehicle’s value really helps us! 

You may have a vehicle right now that’s in your driveway or just in the way and you’re wondering what to do with it.  We can help!  You can donate it to the Mission and we’ll arrange to have it towed and solve your problem.  Or, you may have a vehicle in the carport or shed or barn or just sitting under a tree with a wind-blown tarp covering it.  Once again, we can help!  And your donation will help us as we help you.  To coin a phrase, “it’s a win-win situation!”

In today’s economy, we watch every penny so that we can continue doing this ministry.  We also are direct in asking people to help us financially.   By donating that vehicle you will be helping us as we help Native Americans.  Take a moment today and call me, (503) 492-0904 and let’s put that old vehicle to use again.  Or, you may want to use the enclosed envelope and make a donation by writing a check.  Whatever the amount, whether large or small, your gift will be appreciated and used in this ministry helping families and children know more about God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness. 

You may also have friends or relatives who are wondering what do with that old Chevy parked by the barn, or the Honda with the bad paint job.  We’ll gladly receive them and use them for this ministry.  Tell your buddies at work about what we do and help us get the word out…WE ACCEPT VEHICLE DONATIONS. 

I’m not expecting every vehicle retrieval to be an adventure that ends up in the blackberry bushes, but if that’s what it takes … so be it!  I’m all in.