The Black Rubber Wristband

July – August Newsletter, 2017  Rick McPherson

The guy at the back of the church had a whole basket full. 

“Take one,” he said.  “They’re free!”

Never wanting to pass up a free anything, I did.  When I looked closely, I saw the words, “PRAY FIRST” were inscribed.  Now, that’s a good reminder for all of us, I thought.  I pulled the black, rubber, wristband over my hand and the directive started to sink in.   

Later, when I looked at the pictures from one of our recent trips to the Reservation, I thought of the wristband and the practice we have of always praying before our trips.  When the truck is loaded we gather staff members and form a prayer circle and commit the trip and ministry to the Lord in prayer.  We PRAY FIRST.  And, boy do we need it!

Since our last letter to you we have served two Pow Wows (Delta Park, Portland, OR and Wiconi International, Turner, OR) and two Reservations, (Celilo Indian Village, Yakama Tribe, The Dalles, OR and the Quinault Tribe, Lake Quinault, WA).

Each of the loads have been excellent!  Not only have we served Native Americans with canned goods and food supplies but also insulated leather boots, household supplies with linens, pillows, blankets and foam mattresses.  When the doors open and they see that the pallets contain cereal, cookies, cakes, chips and soft drinks, it’s hard for the recipients to not grin from ear to ear.  It’s a good thing when you hear, “Hey, look at this!”   

I want to remind you that none of this would be possible if it was not for people like you who contribute financial gifts to make this happen.   Really!  We could not do this ministry without help.  And, you have helped us.  In this life we may not know all the results, but Heaven’s books are accurate and the ledger doesn’t lie. 

Let me also include our great need for your prayer support.  Often in these newsletters I solicit your prayers and my requests are always sincere.  I learned a long time ago that nothing of spiritual significance occurs without preceding prayers.  Interestingly, one of the first requests from the disciples was, “Lord, teach us to pray.”  Not, preach, sing, lead, organize or evangelize…teach us to pray!  I don’t think prayer is any less significant now.  It’s what enables every ministry.  (Luke 11:1)

It may not be a black, rubber, wrist band that you’re wearing today to remind you, but nonetheless the instruction is clear for every situation… Family…School…Job…Decisions…Relationships…Activities…Church…and ministry to Native Americans!