Blistering Hot or Freezing Cold

December Newsletter, 2017  Rick McPherson

On the other side of this page are the people that represent the ministry of Pacific NW Outreach, Inc.  It’s a wonderful group!  These are board members and staff that make the ministry happen every day and throughout the year.  Whether it’s blistering hot  or freezing cold with biting east winds, these folks are working hard to fulfill our mission.  All of us want to say a heart-felt “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” to each of you.  And, a big thank you for your generous giving and prayer support throughout the past twelve months.  Without you…this ministry could not survive!  But with you…we are able to continue and tell not only the wonderful story of Jesus’ birth, but also the love, acceptance and forgiveness that is the Gospel message. 

THANK YOU!  GOD BLESS YOU!  Only Heaven knows the results that have been achieved in the lives of Native Americans, because you cared!


For those of you who would like a receipt for your giving this year, please contact Charlote :  503 492 0904 or

Because we are a 501 (c) (3) corporation, your giving is tax deductible.