May Newsletter  2020 Rick McPherson

 From an early age, kids learn the vocabulary of riding in the family car.   If it’s not about eating or stopping for a potty break, inevitably the question is asked, “Are we almost there?”  It seems the trip will never end and the destination will never be reached.  Parents are exasperated, frustrated and irritated.  The kids are just impossible.  Everyone wants the trip to be over.  Please!

The whole experience hinges on the word, “almost.”  Almost, as in, “not quite, very nearly, or, just about.”  It’s like telling people, “I’m almost thirteen.”  Or, “I was so scared, I almost panicked!” 

Thinking about it, life is filled with, “almost.”  The choices we make, the games we play, the food we eat, the activities we do are all affected by, “almost.”   The Psalmist said, “They almost destroyed me on earth.”   Almost!  In the midst of that “almost,” he also said, “But as for me, I did not forsake Your precepts.  Revive me according to Your lovingkindness.”  (119:87-88)   He changed from the unknown to the known, from the uncertain to the certain, from the unsure to the sure. 

We are currently in an, “almost.”  Medical experts and government officials are saying the pandemic is almost over.  We’re almost ready to open the country.    As exasperated and impossible as this experience has been, it’s almost over.   We’re almost there.   Or, are we?

As much as we would all like things to be normal again, they aren’t.  We’re almost there, but not quite.  In the meantime, the ministry of Pacific NW Outreach, Inc. has been affected, but we are still here and deemed essential because we are helping Native Americans with food.  During the pandemic, grocery stores have remained open, farmers have been farming, truckers have been trucking and we have too.  Currently we are planning two new trips with food, household supplies and clothes.  The weather is warm, the roads are clear and we’re ready.  And, I want you to know this is only possible because of people like you.  People who care.  People who pray.  People who give.  You have made all the difference with your involvement in this ministry.  Quite frankly, we could not do this without your help.  Every time you chip in with a financial donation you are affirming what we do.  On behalf of Native American children and families, THANK YOU and God bless you!