July Newsletter, 2015  Rick McPherson

The title of this month’s newsletter is Gallery. We’ve selected photos from the past months that depict our ministry at Pacific NW Outreach.  You’ll see regalia, teepees, parades, preaching, groceries, trucks, kids, families and God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness in real life.  Enjoy!

Although the pictures show ministry throughout the year, it is the middle of the summer.  This year we have experienced record-breaking heat here in the Pacific Northwest.  The lack of rainfall and the intense heat have affected us badly.  We need your financial help, particularly at this time, to make it.  Please pray for us and then help us with a generous financial gift.  Thank you and God bless you for your gift. 

 Groceries for all the boys and girls…and their families Travis Brant with toys for the children Miniature horse and cart, Crow Fair, Montana Ready for the road trip Rick McPherson preaching the Word Prayer circle before a trip Work crew at Crown Point, New Mexico