Dixie’s Hats

October Newsletter, 2015,  Rick McPherson

I like hats.  I collect them.  I wear them.   Since going bald about twenty years ago, I need them to keep my head warm in the cold.  Most folks know that if your head is warm, you’re warm!

Some hats are all about function and some are not.  Remember the hats the ladies used to wear to church on Sunday mornings?  Not really functional, but did they ever look good!  If you were caught in a snow-storm however, I’m not sure they would help.  

We have a friend of the mission who has been knitting hats for Native American children and adults for years.  Every year at this time we receive a box with about a hundred hats that she has knit and asks that we distribute them on the Reservations for Christmas.  I have personally delivered boxes full of hats and the results are always the same…big smiles and happy eyes!  When your head is cold and your ears are freezing, a beautiful, colorful, warm, hand-knit hat is a great gift.  

Well this year we learned that Dixie Potter, the hat lady, had suffered several strokes and had spent three months in the hospital and rehabilitation.  She told her care-givers,

“I’ve got to get better so I can get back to knitting hats for the children!” 

We now have the privilege of delivering Dixie’s hats.  Most of the people who will wear one will never know her story.  It may be one of those “secrets” that will be revealed in Heaven someday.  Rest assured that the One who takes perfect notes of these acts has already recorded it.  Perhaps there will be an awards ceremony and the hat lady will receive extra jewels in her hat, er, crown!

In the meantime, we’ve got work to do!  We would like to deliver our Christmas groceries, children’s toys and Dixie’s hats before the first of December.  You can help us!  Our target  Reservations for this year are:

  1. Nez Perce, Lapwai, Idaho
  2. Quinault, Lake Quinault, Washington
  3. Yakama, Celilo Indian Village, Oregon

Please PRAY for these outreach trips and the Native Americans on these Reservations.  Pray for the salvation of souls and for the message of God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness as it is presented. 

Please GIVE to help us make these trips.  Your financial gift, no matter what the amount, is needed at this time.  Thank you for giving and caring…