Spring Has Sprung

April Newsletter, 2017  Rick McPherson

To say that, “this was the winter that would not end,” would be an understatement. The first week of December we received our first snow storm and it was a “doozy.”  My wife and I left the office early that day to get ahead of the traffic, but it didn’t work.  We got home at 10:00 PM after a seven hour commute!  For weeks and then months following, we had snow and ice storms that just wouldn’t stop.  Interstate and local highway closures were common and the kids wondered if they would ever go back to school.  So did the parents!  When the temperatures warmed slightly, the rain started.  February and March rain totals combined at Seattle-Tacoma airport broke a 120 year record.  We were right there with them in Portland.  Now the ice storms have turned to mud slides and flooding.  Whew, we’re ready for spring!  In fact, the daffodils have just now popped out from their hibernation.  Finally. 

With the break in the weather, we were able to take a fantastic load of groceries, household supplies, boots, coffee and medicine to the Nez Perce Tribe in Lapwai, Idaho.  Pastor Antonio Smith and his faithful team from the N.A.M.E. (Native American Missionary Evangelical) church were there to meet us.  To our pleasant surprise there was also a team of students from the Indian Bible College in Flagstaff, Arizona with their director, Dr. Jason Koppen, who were spending their spring break helping on the Reservation.  “Many hands make light work,” proved to be true as the truck was unloaded in record time.  You can see a picture of the whole team on the back of this page.  Dr. Koppen is doing a great work leading this Bible College and training young Native Americans for full-time ministry work. 

The N.A.M.E. church is continuing to shine brightly and helping many Natives to know the love, acceptance and forgiveness of our Heavenly Father and Great Creator. 

Another update…

In our last newsletter we gave you the update and financial report on the rebuilt transmission for one of our trucks.  At that time we were  just a little short of our goal, but you responded generously and we were able to not only pay for the transmission work in full, but also replaced  the exhaust manifolds, alternator, heater blower motor and switch and did a much needed tune-up with oil  & filter, spark plugs, wires, rotor and distributor cap!  Thank you very much!

As a side note, one of my wife’s college friends, from Zion Bible Institute, East Providence, Rhode Island, who receives this monthly newsletter, called and made a very generous gift to help us.  We couldn’t do this work without dear friends who partner with us, “in the fellowship of the Gospel.”  Thank you again and God bless you abundantly. 

Dr. Jason Koppen and students from Indian Bible College, Flagstaff AZ.

Dr. Jason Koppen and students from Indian Bible College, Flagstaff AZ.