“Another Message from Elden”

May Newsletter, 2018  Rick McPherson

Recently we received a generous check from a friend of the Mission.  It came to us from his brother who explained that Elden had passed and in his Last Will & Testament he had named our ministry and wanted a portion of his estate to be given to God’s work.  What a surprise.  What a blessing. 

Elden was known to us and had been thoughtful and deliberate in his giving to our work through the years.  The first time I met him he was standing in his driveway and was directing our truck to back up and retrieve a refrigerator that he was donating.  Later, as his health failed, he moved to a care facility and gave us the furnishings of his home!  He was a friend of Pacific NW Outreach and Native Americans.   

Now as I reflect over his last and final gift, I realize that his commitment was to make sure that even in death his wishes would be carried out and the ministry that he loved would be the recipient of a portion of his worldly possessions.  It was so true of Elden to make sure that every detail was done and his Will was evidence of that fact. 

Let me encourage you to think similarly.  When you die with a Will & Testament document, it will be fulfilled according to the letter of the Law.  You can designate your estate however you want and it can include ministries that you have supported as well as your family and loved ones.  It only takes a little time to do it and the benefits are incredibly worthwhile and valuable.  Instead of putting it off, take time to prioritize it for the sake of your family and your wishes.   Dying without a Will & Testament will guarantee that not one penny of your estate will be given to God’s work. 


One of the cruel realities of modern technology is the fact that information on computers can be “hacked” by the unscrupulous.  It happened to us!  The virus attacked our system affecting our QuickBooks files, our mailing list, our historical pictures and documents.   The information on our system was “scrambled and locked.”  We have been able to recreate most of our important information.  The experts have assured us that no personal and confidential information was accessed from our system.  That was a relief!  The “window of opportunity” to further harm our system was very small.  We have now taken steps to further protect our computers and the ministry. 


The “life line” of this ministry is the mailing list.  IF you know of a friend, relative, coworker, neighbor or church friend who once received this monthly communique and because of the “hacking” has been dropped….PLEASE LET US KNOW.  We are rebuilding to the best of our ability.  Any help you give is GREATLY appreciated!   Or, if you would like to receive this newsletter via email each month, we can do that for you.