June Newsletter, 2018  Rick McPherson

It was one of those picture-perfect days in the Pacific Northwest.  The sun was shining; there were big white clouds and a soft blue sky.  The temperature was right around seventy.  I was northbound on the I-205, nearing West Linn.  I’ve probably driven that road hundreds of times, but for some reason I noticed a “Viewpoint” sign and decided to stop. It was worth it.   The view was spectacular.  The Willamette River stretched out before me and the backdrop of trees and mountains combined to make the setting like a framed picture.  I turned the ignition off and the big Detroit diesel shuddered, vibrated and stopped.  All I could hear was the wind softly blowing through the evergreens and the highway traffic behind me.  Why hadn’t I done this before?

My log book shows tens of thousands of miles driving to Reservations across the country, but I don’t remember stopping for “Viewpoints”.  Fuel, lodging, bathrooms and more cheese-burgers than I can count have been the reasons to stop, but not “Viewpoints”.  That’s going to change, however.  I learned something in that West Linn experience.  I think God gives us Viewpoint opportunities in life so that we can enjoy the trip.  In fact, Scripture is full of wording that encourages us to “pull over”.  The traffic of life continues to roar past but we are, “in green pastures…beside still waters…being restored.”  (Psalm23:2-3)

The other take-away from the Viewpoint was my reflection on this ministry.  It includes my appreciation for the many people who help us financially every month.  Additionally there are scores who regularly pray for us.  We could not do this ministry serving Native Americans without people who give and pray.   Our mission has not changed.  We’re still telling the Truth of God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness.  We’re still telling the story of Jesus, the Savior of the world. 

In other words, the Viewpoint gave me opportunity to “count my blessings, and name them one by one.”  If I was making a list, you’d be on it!  In fact, I would print your name in block capitals and underline it.    I appreciate you and all you’re doing to help us.

Here’s a suggestion for your trip.  Take a moment to pull over and get off the road.  Shut off your engine.  Roll down the windows.  Breathe.  Think.  Pray.    Look at these pictures and realize that your involvement in this ministry is helping us help them.  Enjoy the Viewpoint!