“We Haven’t Even Gotten to Dessert!“

November Newsletter, 2018  Rick McPherson

There are some newsletters that are favorites of mine.  You guessed it, this is one of them.  It doesn’t take much for me to get in the Thanksgiving mood, because I love this season of the year.  I love the weather, the time-change, warm sweaters and the food.  I especially love the food!  Just the thought of Thanksgiving dinner, makes my mouth water. Garlic mashed potatoes, green bean salad, jellied and fresh cooked cranberries, buttery yeast dinner rolls, roast turkey with stuffing and gravy are some of my favorites.  And, we haven’t even gotten to dessert! 

I made the mistake recently of suggesting that we might eliminate the work and preparation of the Thanksgiving dinner and just go to a nice restaurant instead.    No, was the booming one word answer that came down from my family!  No way!  I made a mental note to never again suggest such a thing.

Thanksgiving is about family and traditions and, well, thanksgiving!  It’s about giving thanks.  It’s the time of year when we focus on expressing our gratitude to God, family and one another.  You would think that we would do that all the time, but sometimes we forget.   Sometimes we’re like the child who has just received a gift and our parent says, “What do you say?” 

Therefore, here’s what I want to say…THANK YOU!  On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff and volunteers, I would like to give thanks to you for your ongoing support of this ministry helping Native Americans, spiritually and physically.  Throughout the year as truckloads of groceries, clothes, boots, household supplies, Bibles, toys and candy are delivered to reservations throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, people like you have prayed and given financial gifts to enable us.  Many have heard the Good News message of God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness because you cared.    Simply put, this ministry could not do this vital work without your help.  So, thank you, dear friends!  Your prayers and gifts have made a big difference.  Although you may never see the Native American child or adult who has been the recipient of your gift, Heaven has recorded your kindness and generosity. 

“…I do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers…”

Ephesians 1:16