“Fuzzy Dice”

June Newsletter, 2019  Rick McPherson

When I was a teenager I drove with some friends through a snowstorm to attend a car show in Buffalo, New York.   I walked into the Armory and couldn’t believe the incredible sight of shining chrome and beautiful paint jobs.  The room was filled with hot rods, muscle cars, exotics, trucks and customs.    I was hooked! 

Now, a lifetime later, I’m writing this newsletter to invite you to yet another car show.  This one however, is completely different.  Oh, don’t get me wrong it will include lots of shiny chrome and cool cars and trucks, but the reason for the show exceeds the show itself.  Let me explain.  THIS SHOW is a benefit for THIS MISSION!  That’s right the Liberty Bible Church CAR SHOW this year is donating the proceeds of the show to Pacific NW Outreach!  We have been selected.  What an honor and what a blessing!

We have included all the information for the car show in this newsletter so you can attend.  I know, I know, there are people who receive this who live across the country and cannot attend.  Unless of course you’re interested in a road trip!  But, you’re committed to our mission, helping Native Americans both physically and spiritually and you’d like to participate in the event by sending a  gift in remembrance of a special Uncle or relative, or your memory of a black 1940 Ford coupe that your Dad drove when you were a kid.  Or, the 1955 Chevy Bel- Air that you had in high school.  You know the one with the Stewart Warner tach and Moon equipment, steering wheel? 

Because we rely on financial donations to sustain this ministry we are participating in this creative and specific fund raiser.  We appreciate the church leadership at Liberty Bible Church in Vancouver, selecting us as recipients and working to make this happen.  Join us if you can and bring your family, friends and favorite hot rod.  You can even hang the fuzzy dice from your mirror.