Golden Anniversary

July 2022 Rick McPherson

There are some birthdays and anniversaries that get more attention than others.  Precious stones and jewels are often used to commemorate the events and given as cherished gifts.  We reflect on the dates and think of the historic significance and how they have affected us.  I happen to be a “calendar guy” and can trace back in my history to special days.  Maybe it’s quirky, but history and dates have always been of great interest to me.  That brings us to this newsletter and the fact that Pacific NW Outreach is on the verge of celebrating our Golden Anniversary!  That’s right; it was 1973 when this ministry officially began.  We’re just a few months away from that date.  Think of what’s happened in the last fifty years and what our world was like then.

*Richard Nixon was the President.

*George Foreman was the Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

*The Godfather won best picture at the 45th Academy Awards.

*Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in the “Battle of the Sexes” in tennis.

*American Indian Movement activists ended their occupation of Pine Ridge Reservation at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

*Oakland Athletics won the World Series.

*Miami Dolphins won Super Bowl VII.

*Gas was 55 cents a gallon.  Bread was 27 cents a loaf.  A dozen eggs cost 78 cents.

Well, things have changed in the last 50 years.  In spite of the changes, this ministry continues.  It’s impossible to tally the numbers of Native Americans who have been impacted by our efforts.  Only Heaven will reveal those souls who have been regenerated and have come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, as Savior and Lord.  Our trucks have travelled tens of thousands of miles.  We’ve burned untold gallons of diesel fuel, carried tons of groceries, supplies, clothes, boots and household items to Reservations across the country.  We’ve preached scores of sermons, conducted Vacation Bible Camps, Bible Studies, Prayer Conferences and counselling sessions.  We’ve laughed, cried, prayed, bled and sacrificed with our Native brothers and sisters.  The anecdotes of real-life experiences are legendary and certainly entertaining.  It’s all true, too!  And, it’s not over, yet!

So, enjoy the party!  After all, it is a Celebration of God’s goodness and blessing over these 50 years.  Every grocery box, pair of boots, warm coat or bottle of water that has been given, expressed God’s kindness and generosity.  Every Pow Wow we’ve attended, campsite we’ve visited, trip we’ve made, sermon we’ve preached, expressed God’s love and acceptance.  And, you’ve been right there with us.  You’ve been a vital part.    THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART…A BIG PART!  Your faithful giving and prayer support enable us to do this ministry. 

Now, it wouldn’t be a party without cake, right?  Think I’ll get a piece.


Special “MULE” report!  Last month we told about the need to replace one of our small delivery trucks, a 1993 FORD E350.  Many of you responded with extra giving, which we really appreciate.  We’re looking at used trucks but it’s a strange market these days, so we’re not rushing ahead.  When we find the right truck at the right price, we’ll let you know.  If you would like to contribute to this need just mark your check accordingly or use the convenient PayPal option.  Thank you!