Smart Phone

August 2022 Rick McPherson

Just last week I visited the phone store and got a new one.  It’s a smart phone.  The name alone is a little intimidating.    Seems that you have to be that to operate it and not get mad and throw it at the wall.  Or, if IQ is a real number, the phone wins.  Nevertheless, the lady laughed when she saw my old phone and said something very demeaning about its memory and battery strength.    After the transaction; I left with a protective case, new charger and cord, another protective cover so the face wouldn’t  get scratched, an insurance rider in case the phone is lost or stolen or falls in the lake or toilet and  the phone itself.   I began to fumble with it.  During my foray I found “photos”.   To my surprise and entertainment the phone showed pictures from a year ago, two years, four, six and even eight years back.  All were organized, named, filed and otherwise packaged to warm the heart of every obsessive, compulsive and meticulous person out there.   How cool is that?  Smart?  You bet!  What a trip down memory lane. 

You know that we are quickly approaching the New Year and our 50th Anniversary for this ministry.  A lot has happened since 1973 when we started helping and serving Native Americans, physically and spiritually.  We live in a very different world now than we did then.  But, the message of God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness is the same.  He never changes, nor does His Word.  He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Wouldn’t it be fun to go back and see pictures of the past and remember the ministry to our Native brothers and sisters, families and children?  Not all of these pictures are on my phone, of course, but you’ll reminisce as we print these in our newsletters in the months to come.  Enjoy! 

Another “MULE” report…

Thank you for your extra giving to help us replace the OLD MULE, better known as our 1993 Ford E350 box truck.  To date, we have received $2,500.00 in designated giving, which helps us towards our goal.   As I told you last month the used truck/car market is rather crazy right now so we are going slow and waiting for the right vehicle at the right price.  Your designated gift is in a separate fund and not co-mingled with other mission funds.  You may still give towards this project and mark your gift accordingly. And, THANK YOU for your generous, faithful and regular giving to the ministry of Pacific NW Outreach, Inc.   God bless you!