Just Past The Avocados

Rick McPherson August Newsletter, 2023

I was minding my own business walking through a big box store on the way to produce to buy bananas when I stopped in my tracks.  “Can’t be,” I said out loud.

“Christmas wrapping paper…in August!” I exclaimed.  Again, out loud.  “Unbelievable!” I muttered, and made a right turn just past the avocados. 

As I think about it now, I shouldn’t be surprised.  Just last week we were contacted, as a charitable, non-profit, to receive Christmas toys and gifts for the Native children on the Reservations.  This continues our history of receiving gifts from TV stations and a large tire distribution warehouse that collect from all over the greater Portland and Vancouver metropolitan area and then give them to us and other charities for distribution.  Truth be told, these gifts enable us to deliver to the families the means to have a wonderful and joyful Christmas.  So…thank you to ALL of you who generously give to this ministry!

Additionally, the new and expanded social media ministry, including the weekly Podcast on Spotify and the videos on Facebook are reaching hundreds of people.  At last count, we were over 2,500 in viewers and listeners.  Candidly, I’m overwhelmed by the response.  Amazing, is not a strong enough adjective to describe the impact.  However, we are pursuing this avenue anticipating God’s continued blessing and provision.  If you would like to contribute your prayer and financial support to this ministry please let us know.   Our contact information is included in this Newsletter.  Also, I will be in Beaumont, Texas for an in-home meeting, September 28, for those interested in knowing more about this ministry. 

And, if you’re disoriented during your shopping experience, remember the Christmas wrapping paper is right there; near the bananas and avocados.


Special Notice…

CELILO INDIAN VILLAGE has just called asking for help with backpacks for school.  They need 15 for Elementary and 10 for High Schoolers.  Can you help with an extra gift at this time?  Thank you and God bless you!