The Main Thing

September Newsletter, 2019  Rick McPherson

Don’t you hate it when you’re distracted?  You get started on a project and the phone rings.  Your computer says you have mail.     There’s a knock at the door.  The microwave alarm goes off and the children flop at the kitchen table and announce they’re bored.  Distractions can be a pain.  “Oh, look, there’s a squirrel!”

It’s no great revelation to say that distractions are a part of life.  Seems that the busier you are, the more distractions come your way.  So, you have to manage them and focus on what’s important and what’s not.  No easy task, right?

All of us get caught up with the less important things in life and forget about the most important, or what I call the main things.  I heard myself say one time, “It’s important to keep the main thing, the main thing!”  Easier said than done because the main things often get shoved aside or buried … by too many distractions. 

Looking at our ministry and mission focus here at Pacific NW Outreach, Inc., it is so easy to let the distractions clutter our focus and cause us to lose sight of the main thing.  Our main thing is helping and serving Native Americans both physically and spiritually.  It is telling the Salvation story, helping hurting people and building strong marriages and families.  It is feeding, clothing, visiting, caring, going, praying and serving.  It’s simple.  It’s profound.  It’s the main thing. 

It takes effort to keep the main thing, the main thing.  The distractions are often disguised and steal your time, energy and resource.  Like the old woodsman who learned the principle of keeping his axe sharp, there are times when you have to step back, assess what you’re doing, check your blade and work smarter … without too many distractions. 

Having said that, we want to take our own medicine and keep the main thing, the main thing.  The Quinault, Yakama and Nez Perce Reservations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho are still in great need.  We want to continue helping them, as you do.  The loads of groceries, clothing, boots, household supplies and Bibles are still vitally important and need to be delivered.  And, as I write, I’m reminded that Christmas is only a few months away and once again we’ll deliver toys and gifts to the Natives and their families on these Northwest Reservations.   Thanks to you!

Even though Labor Day is behind us, school is again in session, the days are shorter and the weather is changing; let’s not let these distractions keep us from fulfilling our mission.  Believe me, I know it takes effort to stay focused, but it’s worth it.  It’s the main thing!