That’s Good Enough For Me

September Newsletter  2020 Rick McPherson

Every month I’m privileged to write this newsletter and talk about the ministry of Pacific NW Outreach, Inc., as we help Native Americans both physically and spiritually.  Many of you are long-time supporters, in prayer and finances, of this work.  Others are joining us because of social media, YouTube and good old, “word of mouth.”  Whatever your status, we’re glad to have you.  This communique is a primary means of contact because we want to stay connected.

The past six months of ministry;  in the midst of a global medical pandemic, economic shut-down, civil unrest, riots, looting and horrible violence in the streets, including murders, brutality, destruction of property and businesses, divisive political campaigns and the attack on the foundational truth for civilization, law and order; have been challenging beyond belief. 

Candidly, when everything unraveled in the first quarter of this year, I thought it would be over quickly.  Wrong!  The riots in our own city of Portland have now exceeded 100 days.  The once beautiful downtown is now devastated with graffiti, burned out buildings and vehicles, boarded up department stores, restaurants and businesses.  No one in their wildest imagination would have thought that the authorities would stand down and turn over the tenth largest city in America to militant domestic terrorists. 

However, in the midst of it all, including the fact that marijuana and liquor stores are deemed essential and churches are not, we’re still here.  A friend once told me, “Rick, you’re goin’ to make it!  You won’t look like much, but, you’re goin’ to make it!”  With that sentiment echoing in our ears, we carry on!

Here’s our plan.  It’s simple.  It’s doable.  It’s worthwhile. 

We have targeted our two closest Reservations, the Quinault in Washington State, just north of Aberdeen on the Pacific Coast and the Celilo Indian Village, part of the Yakama Reservation, in the Columbia River Gorge past The Dalles, Oregon.  Some of you have donated recently to help provide backpacks and school supplies for these children.  We are preparing two truckloads with groceries and miscellaneous food supplies (chips, cookies, juices, soft drinks and fresh produce) and pencils, crayons, notebooks and markers for delivery ASAP. 

Once again let me ask…will you send a financial gift at this time to help? 

I’m often asked about the benevolence that we extend to Native Americans.  I guess I’ve heard every reason and excuse for NOT helping them.  But, at the end of the trail, I’m reminded that every Native is made in God’s image just like me.  God loves us equally.  He does not discriminate.  He is not a racist.  He loves us so much that He gave His only Son to die for us.  And, WHOEVER believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.  That’s good enough for me.  I’ll let the pundits argue the rest. 

In the meantime, let me remind you that Jesus was very much involved in what we now call, “social gospel.”  He did feed hungry people, gave water to those who were thirsty, clothed the naked, welcomed strangers, healed the sick and visited the imprisoned.  Should we not do the same?