October Newsletter, 2020

October Newsletter  2020 Rick McPherson

Yesterday, I was on the Yakama Reservation at Celilo Indian Village just past The Dalles, Oregon.  The Reservation is vast, stretching from central Washington through The Gorge on the shores of the Columbia River.  Many years ago the Natives welcomed the Lewis & Clark expedition as they made their way from the convergence of the Snake River and Columbia in burned out log canoes that the Nez Perce had traded for horses.  The Yakama were intrigued by the white men who were determined to run the treacherous rapids instead of portaging.  They actually waited on the shores to see the spectacle anticipating that they would all drown.  Miraculously, the corps was successful and found the Pacific Ocean at Astoria and wintered in the barracks at Fort Clatsop.

My expedition was behind the wheel of the big, red Peterbilt, driving, “east bound and down, loaded up and truckin’ “, on Interstate 84.  No Indians were on the shore waiting for me to drown!

The load was excellent.  Not only did we have back packs, filled with school supplies, but also, mattresses, blankets, pillows and household items.  The bonus was a pallet of insulated, waterproof boots.  As much as food is needed, and most often requested, the boots continue to be favorites every time.  One of our community partners donated pallets of toilet paper, bottled water, coconut water, miscellaneous snacks and chips and black beans, as well.

On a previous trip, we had given a pallet of hand sanitizer, before the Covid 19 pandemic.  At the time it seemed like, overkill, but it turned out to be a “God send” to help the Village when no other help was available. 

Before returning I asked for a prayer circle to give thanks for God’s provision.  Karen Whitford, granddaughter of the Chief, asked her nephew to pray.  He works for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Housing Division, in The Dalles.  His prayer of thanksgiving included God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness.  It was real. 

On behalf of the children, families and men and women of the Yakama Reservation at Celilo Indian Village, thank you for sharing and making this ministry and these gifts possible.   Without your help this work could not happen.  Yesterday’s trip represented thousands of dollars in product and provisions that were given, free of charge, to show the love of God for these precious people. 

Enjoy the pictures!  When you pray, remember to include our friends at Celilo Indian Village.