February Newsletter, 2022 Rick McPherson

Mom used to say, “Go play with your friends.  Come home when the street lights come on.”  Those were the days.  We actually played.  We played, Hide N Seek, Tag, Dodge Ball and Ollie, Ollie, Olson Free.  Kids!  Playing!  Games!  We didn’t have a care in the world and life was filled with fun & games.  My imagination was vivid, colorful and creative.  Sometimes we just made stuff up and entertained ourselves ‘til we fell on the ground laughing.  Life was good!

Life is still good, but it’s different.  We don’t dare send our kids out to play until it’s dark.  We vet the neighbors.  We doubt promises made and are leery of playgrounds and parks, and in most cases, rightly so.  However, there is still a remarkable thing that happens when kids play.  And, adults are not exempt. 

Do you remember when the disciples of Jesus denied children access to Him?  “He’s too busy.  No time for playing.  Leave Him alone.  Important stuff to do,” they probably said. 

But Jesus was not too busy.  He actually rebuked His followers and said, “Let them come to me.  They are the Kingdom of God.” 


He didn’t say that about scribes, lawyers, teachers, rabbis, Pharisees and etc.  He said it about kids.

Scene two shows Jesus playing Dodge Ball with the kids, (probably a playground rubber ball left over from Nazareth Elementary).  His eyes are dancing with joy and love, His voice is friendly and vibrant, His smile is winsome and inviting. They are laughing.  They are safe.  They are care-free.   He is Jesus.  They are children.  The light has come.  This is the Kingdom of God. 

Now, fast forward to today.  Delivering toys to the children at Native American Reservations is just as Biblical as when Jesus said, “Tag, you’re it!”  You see, that stuffed animal, shiny bike, football or puzzle represents the love and acceptance that our Heavenly Father has for every one of His kids.  He loves us so much that He cuts through the barriers that the world throws at us saying, “Let them come to Me.  They’re My kids.”

Our most recent Christmas loads of toys, games, groceries and yes, boots, to Pacific Northwest Reservations is only possible because of people like you, who get it.  The Kingdom of God is light.  It is joy.  It is laughter.  It is smiling eyes.  It is playing outside till the street lights come on.  Thank you for helping us, help children and their parents, enjoy the fun & games.