Rick McPherson January Newsletter, 2023

In the coming months we’ll be talking about the ministry of Pacific NW Outreach, Inc., during the past fifty years.  Seems like a life-time, seems like yesterday.  Most of us can go back to 1973 and sort of remember what happened and where we lived and schools and jobs and ministries that affected us.  Then again, facts get fuzzy and details get lost.   However, here are some reminders if you’re yearning for the “good old days.” Think of gasoline at 40 cents a gallon.  How about 25 cents for a dozen eggs?  You could buy a new house for $32,500.00 or pay monthly rent of $175.00.  For dinner, a Morton’s frozen entrée was only 36 cents.  And, for the automotive aficionados, a Ford Galaxie 500 was $3,883.00, floor mats included. 

In the coming months we’re going to print a variety of photos that reflect this ministry that has helped thousands of Native Americans physically and told the story of God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness.  The spiritual impact of this work will never be known fully in this life.  But, Heaven records the name of every one who has, “called on the Name of the Lord and been saved.”  Romans 10:13

I really don’t know the number of miles that have been driven, the diesel fuel that’s been burned, the tires that have been used, the sermons that have been preached, the prayers that have been said, the coffee that’s been drunk or the pow wows that have been attended.  I do know that all of it has been motivated by a love for Native American people and a desire to, “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.”  Mark 16:15

Thank you for your part.  You have cared.  You have prayed.  You have given.   Together, we have made a difference in the lives of Native children and their families.  Now, who’s ready for another 50 years?